What Outfits to Wear to Oktoberfest?

Even if you are new to Germany, do not hesitate to attend the Oktoberfest in a traditional Bavarian outfit. Attending the Oktoberfest in traditional Oktoberfest costumes helps you blend in much better. It makes your Oktoberfest experience much more fun. This festival attracts 5 to 6 million people every year. Many people come from outside Germany.

Even though this festival is known as Oktoberfest, the 16-day festival starts in September and usually ends on the first Sunday in October.

Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world. At the foot of the Bavaria statue, adjacent to the huge Oktoberfest grounds, the Theresienwiese, you will get carousels, roller coasters and other things to entertain folks of all ages. It is an over-sized state fair with carnival atmosphere. Other events that have been added are the grand entry of Oktoberfest Landlords and Breweries, The Costume and Riflemen’s Procession. You can also attend famous brass band concerts, if you enjoy this style of music.

However, the main attraction of the Oktoberfest are the 14 large beer tents. Those are only set up during the 2-week event.

What Outfits to Wear for Oktoberfest

8 Great Options to Wear to Oktoberfest:

Dressing up is not compulsory. However, it adds to the festive, fun mood of this annual event. Whether you like it traditional, modern, sexy or silly… There are Oktoberfest outfits to wear for every and any budget and taste. Here are some ideas on how to dress:

Women’s Oktoberfest Costume Tips

Bavarian Dirndl OutfitDirndl dress: The actual traditional women’s attire for the festival is conservative in nature. This is a type of traditional Bavarian dress which is worn with an apron over it. The traditional dirndl is below the knee or of ankle length. However, the Halloween costume-styles are much shorter in length.

Traditional dirndls are often tailored and made up of hand-print materials with intricate embroidery.

Consider wearing a dirndl blouse “Trachtenbluse”, which is a peasant-style blouse. The original style of the dirndl blouse is quite plain, without any decorative designs, mostly white, and traditionally has a high-cut. If you wish to try out a more modern, low-cut dirndl, go for it. You need to wear the dirndl over the blouse.

Dirndl bows are a must-have part of this attire. Every apron is wrapped and usually tied with a bow on the front.

If you want to become really fancy, you can even get a matching, dirndl jewelry, a country-style cardigan or jacket as well as purse. Your budget is the limit!

You can wear skin colors nylon stockings, or you can even wear a pair of white knee-high stockings or crocheted socks. As far as the shoes are concerned, you should avoid wearing open-toed shoes or high boots. The most common shoes are a comfortable pair of loafers, clogs or Mary-Jane style shoes. Well-known brands for dirndl shoes are e.g. Haferl, Almbock, Andrea Conti or Spieth & Wensky.

Female leather pants “Lederhosen’: This is very popular among the international visitors. These high-cut suede shorts come along with suspenders and look quite sexy if worn properly. However, these outfits are not very adjustable sizewise. So, try them on before buying!

Wiesn Glupperl Oktoberfest PinWiesn Glupperl: It’s simply a wooden clothespin with your name scorched on with a wood burner. It’s usually decorated with some Oktoberfest style design on it. These are worn by both – men and women. Anyone who wants to add some fun to their outfit can consider wearing them. These are usually worn by young Germans, with some fake names or funny or dirty words on it instead of their real names.

Man Wears Alpine Trachten HatOktoberfest hats: Hats are very common. The traditional Oktoberfest hat is the gray Bavarian felt hat. This style fits more with a casual, fun look. These hats usually have a peaked top, a wide brim and a band is usually wrapped around the base of the hat.

You also have the more formal trachten hat. To complete the look, they often have a pheasant or ostrich feather on one side. Many even attach Bavarian pins to it. Very Oktoberfest Costume Silly Hattraditional are boar or deer brush pins attached to the hat. In general, hats are worn by men and women alike. Traditionally, the colors are in gray or green tones, but of course these days you can also get them in any other color.

If you’d like to wear something really silly, go for a barrel hat. This fun item is made of plush and resembles a beer barrel. You’ll definitely have a conversation piece on your head!

Men’s Oktoberfest Costume Tips

The most recognized feature of men’s Oktoberfest attire is Lederhosen.

Traditional Oktoberfest ShirtShirt style: Bavarian Trachten shirts are the most common ones for this festival. They are usually of a checkered pattern in red, blue or green. But as mentioned, you can get them also in other color schemes. An important and practical asset of these shirts are their arm buttons. They help you to roll up the sleeves and hold them. Traditional shirts are the baggy ones. However, the slim-fitting trachten shirts have become quite popular over the past years. As a guy, you can look very cool in one of those.

Bavarian Plattler Leather PantsTypes of pants: Lederhosen are the typical leather pants. They come in various lengths, from shorts to below the knee and even long pants. If you wish to opt for Plattlerhosen, they are above-the-knee length or just below it. Bundhosen are the Capri-style pants which are also quite popular. The embroidered, short leather pants are popularly known as Gauplattlerhosen. All these traditional Oktoberfest outfits have two to three pockets. However, if you decide to go for the less expensive ones, they are most likely to come without pockets. Traditional Lederhosen have drawn leather strings towards the back side, which will give you a little wiggle room around the waist. They can be a little stiff in the thighs and need some getting used to.

Suspenders: If you really want to be traditional, you must wear suspenders. No matter, whether your shirt and pants are well-fitted! You can add an embroidered chest strap to your suspenders. This adds some traditional Alpine flair to the look, especially if you go for the Plattler leather pants.

Bavarian Oktoberfest ShoesFootwear: Go for a pair of white, brown, gray or oatmeal colored slouch socks. If your Lederhosen pants stop above the knees, you should pull your socks up to the knees. If your Lederhosen are extended below the knees, you can consider pushing your socks down to the ankles. The traditional shoes are the Haferl shoes, which is a combination of a shoe and a work boot.

The price for a decent traditional outfit usually ranges between $70 to $300. However, the price can rise up to more than $1,000, depending on the fabric, detailing and additional accessories.

In summary:

What outfit you wear to Oktoberfest depends more on your taste, mood and budget than anything else.