The Phenomenon of German Wicker Beach Chairs

Canopy Beach Chair

People consider many things typical German: Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, sausages, schnitzel etc. …And then there is the “Strandkorb” – the roofed wicker beach chair / wicker beach cabana (literal translation: beach basket). Yes, this is very German…actually extremely German. Here is why:

  1. They are a German invention

strandkorb historyWicker chairs used indoors date back many centuries, first mentioned in the Hamburg guild charter in 1595. The upper class even used woven willow armchairs with high backs to protect from draft in large rooms and hallways.

However, it took a stubborn elderly lady Elfriede von Maltzahn in 1882 to invent the roofed wicker beach chair as we know it today. This lady used to take her annual vacation at the imperial seaside resort in Warnemünde, Baltic Sea. However, over the years she had developed rheumatism, and the harsh winds at the sea didn’t make for best climate to get any pain relief or even convalescence. So she ordered a protective beach chair from Wilhelm Bartelmann, a master basket-weaver from Rostock. From there, the German „Strandkorb“ phenomenon took off.

  1. They are mainly found at German beaches

Germans love their wicker beach chairs very much. Spending time at the northern beaches without inhabitating one of those odd-looking chairs would be unimagineable for Germans. In fact, when Germans book their vacation at the northern sea, they also book the beach chair rental.

Even though German wicker beach chairs are sold to many countries in the world, e.g. Brazil, South Africa, USA and even Japan, they still enjoy their greatest popularity in Germany.

  1. Germans have wicker beach chairs in the most unthinkable spots

soccer stadium german beach chairWhen you travel Germany, you mostly find these unique wicker beach chairs at the coasts of the Baltic and North Sea. However, many Germans who live in the other regions don’t want to do without this comfortable, cozy seating furniture. They get one for their livingroom, patio, porch, balcony, winter garden, larger bathroom, or even yard.

wicker beach chair at alpine lodgeBut we’ve seen this unique piece of furniture even in crazier spots such as hotels, restaurants in sourthern Germany, in soccer arenas or even in front of ski lodges in den Alps.

Why are German canopy beach chairs so very popular in Germany?

They are an amazing combination of functionality and luxury!

Buy German Wicker Beach ChairYou can sit or lay down in this comfy chair by reclining the top basket. They usually come as 2-seaters, but 3-seaters are also available on the market. The neckrests make sure that your head is positioned nicely on the top basket. For even more comfort, pull out the footrests in the front. The two foldable side tables ensure that you have beverages and foods in short reach. For additional storage, you can use the 4 newspaper pockets (2 on each side). Weather-proofed upholstery and the use of  durable, treated hardwood has longevity and protects against wind, sun, rain or even gusts of sand.

If you are falling in love with this very German seating furniture, check out this selection.

German Roofed Wicker Beach Chair