Where to Buy Popular German Food Online

Traditional German FoodsFortunately, we are not dependent on local stores to buy popular German food. We can simply go online and browse around in the comfort of our home. Amazon is a great place to start, offering the convenience of quick, reliable shipping, customer reviews and specials.

When I moved here, the first thing I missed was the typical German bread and sausage but also certain types of candy and chocolate. Besides that, there were many other foods that weren’t readily available in the US, such as German sauerkraut, pickles and red cabbage as well as the some particular pasta and potato products. The internet has changed that. If you are not familiar with German food…

Here are some of the most popular German foods to buy online on Amazon:

1. German sausage and meats

Bavarian products are very well-known across the globe, e.g. Weisswurst, Bratwurst and Landjäger. They are great for cookouts, BBQs and quick meals at home. Try these with German mustard, a hearty slice of bread and/or sauerkraut.

Octoberfest Weisswurst

Bavarian Weisswurst

Bavarian Bratwurst

Bavarian Bratwurst

Bavarian Lanjaeger

Bavarian Landjaeger

Fun Fact:

In average, Germans eat more than 30 kg (66 lbs) of sausage every year, which totals about 2.5 million tons ( = ~ 1,000,000 elefants)!

2. Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage and Pickles

Hengstenberg, Kühne and Gundelsheim have the best selections. The difference is that those are made based on traditional recipes, without preservatives or artificial colors etc.

German Hengstenberg Pickles

Hengstenberg Pickles

German Red Cabbage from Kuhne

Kühne Red Cabbage

German Sauerkraut from Gundelsheim

Gundelsheim Sauerkraut

Fun Fact: 

Even though sauerkraut is regarded as a typical German food. However, it did NOT originate there. Its origins date back to the Chinese thousands of years ago, who used this process to preserve foods. The Europeans got this method of food preservation later from either the Romans or even Mongolian tribes.

3. Traditional German Bread

Feldkamp and Mestemacher are popular items for hearty German bread. They are nutritious and tasty and made without preservatives or chemical baking aids.

German Bread from Mestemacher

Mestemacher Bread

German Bread from Feldkamp

Feldkamp Pumpernickel

Fun Fact: 

Did you know that the German bread culture knows of about 300 different types of bread? The types of bread are largely dependent on the region. Why? Every region grows different kinds of grains (wheat, rye, spelt, barley, oat).

4. Yummy German Candy

Kinder chocolate is one of the most popular brands, e.g. Kinder Überraschung, Happy Hippos and Bueno. Milka is another internationally known brand with its large assortment of chocolate varieties. Storck is known in Germany for Nimm 2 and caramel candy. These items make a great gift for young and old!

Kinder Chocolate Happy Hippo Biscuits

Kinder Happy Hippo

Milka Chocolate Bars

Milka Alpine Chocolate

German Candy from Storck

Nimm 2 Candy

Fun Fact:

The origins of chocolate are in South America, more specifically the Aztec and Olmec tribe in Mexico about 15,000 before Christ. They were the first ones who utilized the cocoa tree. The Spanish emperors imported it later into Europe. From there chocolate finally made it into Germany in the 17th century. Interestingly, chocolate was first consumed in liquid form. It was most valued for its positive health impact. It was regarded as strengthening, easy to digest and was even used as aphrodisiac.

Switzerland and Germany hold the European record of the highest chocolate consumption per person: 10 – 12 kg per year (22 – 26.4 lbs.). The USA, in comparison, is only half of that enormous consumption!

5. Typical German pasta and potato products:

Want to make typical German potato dumplings? Choose a ready-mix from Pfanni and surprise your family and guests. For Spaetzle, your best bet is Bechtle with its high-quality, tasty pasta products. Dumplings and Spaetzle work great in combination with red cabbage and meats such as Schnitzel, beef roulade, goulash or even a roasted knuckle of pork.

German Potato Dumplings

Pfanni Potato Dumplings

German Spaetzle from Bechtle

Bechtle Spaetzle

Fun Fact: 

The potato dumpling only exists since the 18th century. First, the German population refused to grow potatoes until Frederick the Great finally stood up for growing the plant. In fact, he enacted a law in 1756 that ‘encouraged farmers to grow it’. The rest is history!