What’s so special about Made in Germany Gifts?

Shop German ProductsIt is not always simple to get German products abroad. Depending on where you live, there may be a few local stores that carry made-in-Germany products. If you live in a rural area, you probably have to rely on Amazon.

That’s how this journey started for me.

Amazon offers a gazillion products! You just need to know what to look for. …And this is how this idea for this shopping portal came about. When I was looking for a specific German herbal bath last fall I had to really dig and search by brand name to finally find it. After this incident I tried this with more products from Germany and found out that many local German brands have the same challenge. Amazon has them listed, but they are not easy to find.

Now, as a German, it is easy to search by brand name. But what if you don’t even know the name?

This is how Made in Germany Gifts came about.

This website features German products, so you simply shop here and still check out on Amazon. You’ll find a wide selection of foods – the typical hearty German foods …and of course a lot for your sweet tooth! Beer Steins, German coffee, beauty products, chinaware etc. are all conveniently listed.

A must are the handmade items, such as cuckoo clocks, German nutcrackers and wooden incense smokers. Traditional German clothing is also available.

You’ll find very well-known brands, e.g. Steiff, Adidas, Villeroy & Boch and Krups. But there are also a wide range of high-quality brands that are not so well-known abroad: For example, I personally like herbal Kneipp baths very much and Happy Hippo sweet treats from Kinder. My son loves Siku cars, which are similar to Matchbox but much more detailed.

When you browse the website, you will get a lot of great gift ideas. One idea for this BBQ season: Check out the sampler of Bavaria Octoberfest Bratwurst, add some German cheese from the Oktoberfest Cheese Assortment, German pickles and you are good to go for your next cookout!

Gifts from Germany

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Have fun browsing around among all these German products & gifts. Share this website with fellow shoppers, friends and family.  Email us with any feedback.