Wusthof Gourmet Tri Stone Sharpener 2911


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Keep all of your Wusthof knives nice and sharp with this Gourmet sharpener from Wusthof. Three fine, medium, and coarse stones sharpen and hone knives with standard double edged blades and single bevel edges. These stones allow for optimal sharpening and honing. A small plastic water bottle is included to keep the sharpening stone well saturated during use.


  • Three different grits allow you to fine-tune your sharpening and all-in-one design spares you the hassle of dealing with multiple stones.
  • Included holder provides a stable surface for sharpening, while the bonus water bottle helps you keep the stone clean and properly lubricated
  • Stones are color coded and engraved with “fine, medium and coarse” for ease of us

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