Wurstkuchl Sweet Mustard – original Wurstkuchl süßer Senf 6.7 oz 200ml 190g Jar


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Bratwursts without the traditional sweet mustard would only be half as enjoyable, as we all know. And because it is particularly important to the guys at Wurtkuchl in Regensburg, Germany, to give their hand and homemade mustard that unmistakable special character, they still produce it themselves today – the recipe has been passed down by Elsa Schricker in late 18th. Only selected ingredients such as various sorts of ground mustard powders are used – and a pinch of horseradish provides that characteristic aftertaste. The original Recipe is a kept secret between the guys that make it daily and the owners. And yes until today you can still buy it at the oldest sausage tavern in the world, or for the first time outside Europe here direct in our online store. We ship it all over America! Originally the historical Wurstkuchl was a small building attached to the city wall which during the construction of the Old Stone Bridge between 1135 and 1146 was used as a building office. Once the bridge was finished – in those days celebrated as the eighth wonder of the world – the office was closed and the small building became the “Garküche auf dem Kranchen”, a kitchen providing slow-simmered meals for crane workers. The kitchen´s customers were dockers and builders hence the name “Kranchen” a former word for crane. There were plenty of dockers in those days as the wealthy trading patricians of the free city of Regensburg used the port intensively for centuries as a place of transshipment for goods from all over the world. The hungry workers however mainly came from the building site of the Regensburg cathedral. Exactly when the simmered meat in the “Garküche” was indeed replaced by finer sausages is not known. It is assumed that they were introduced by the proprietor Wolfgang Miezam towards the end of the 18th century.


  • daily hand & homemade in the oldest sausage tavern in the world
  • secret recipe, nearly over 100 years old, Regensburg germany
  • has a sweet honey taste, a pinch of horseradish provides that characteristic aftertaste
  • all natural ingredients
  • not only for Oktoberfest / Octoberfest or Weisswurst

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