Tetesept Erkaltungs Bad 125 ml bath oil


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Suffering from the common cold? Then head straight for the bath tub! When you`re shivering and feeling down, your throat is sore, you`ve got a runny nose and your head and limbs are aching, you know you`re coming down with a cold. As soon as you notice the first symptoms, you should react. tetesept Cold Remedy Bath Concentrate contains a special combination of the time-tested essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, pine and camphor. You`ll soon notice the soothing effects of these beneficial medicinal plants when breathing becomes easier and your nose clears. You can feel how the warm water and the essential oils improve your circulation and relax your entire body. The aching limbs, typical with a cold, ease off and your general well-being improves.

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