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Each lesson follows a simple and
effective three-step process:

1. Build your vocabulary base with the integrated Byki learning engine. Create
custom vocabulary lists from Premium’s lesson content.
2. Explore native language texts, videos, and stories as you immerse yourself in
the Arabic language.
3. Produce spoken the language by participating in conversational role-plays and
dialogs. Record your lines, then play the entire conversation back.

What will I learn?
Transparent  Premium Edition will help you:

* Rapidly build and retain vocabulary base
* Develop listening comprehension
* Learn to read and write the language
* Learn to express yourself in spoken language

Sample lesson content includes:

* Nouns and verbs
* Past, present, and imperfect tenses
* How to form a question
* Describing yourself and others
* Familiar and formal commands


  • An intuitive “book interface” format. Practise your vocabulary using your iPod or other MP3 player
  • Easy-to-use immersion course. Interactive conversation practice with play-back to perfect your pronunciation
  • Rapidly build, master and retain a large German vocabulary base
  • Learn to read and write in German. Interactive games including crosswords, dictation and fill in the blanks
  • Native speaker audio with the ability to slow down the native speaker’s voice

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