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Install the full Fluenz German program on three computers, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, or get access online with the link we’ll send you to your Amazon account within hours of purchase.

Real explanations
We’ll break down German into parts and explain how they work together–nothing like good, common sense explanations.

Every Step of the Way
Our tutors will be there every step of the way with the tips, tricks, and motivation that will make a difference.

No Games, just Real Learning
Our workouts aren’t simple games but real practice tied to our step-by-step explanations. Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading to success.

Buy a Red Box, get Full Access
Install the program on three computers. In addition, get access to the full program online, or follow the whole thing with our iPhone, iPad, and Android phone Apps.

Ready for Fluency
Learning German takes real commitment. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. If you’re willing to put in the hours there is nothing like Fluenz to power your fluency.


  • Get immediate digital access to the full program on your computer, iPhone, Android phone, and iPad WITHIN HOURS OF PURCHASE. Upon Amazon confirmation we’ll send you activation links so you can start Fluenz German right way (look for an Amazon email in your inbox within hours of purchase.)
  • Fluenz blends a video tutor who explains the workings of German for English-speakers along with thousands of interactive workouts. 30 sessions of up to two and one-half hours each — the most comprehensive digital German 1 program.
  • The program gets installed on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or it can be accessed online, allowing you to seamlessly switch between devices-the program always knows where you left off.
  • A realistic, achievable approach to fluency that is being used by the US Navy’s elite units, the UN and UNICEF, Fortune 500 companies, HBS and other leading universities.
  • THIRD PARTY SELLERS DO NOT HAVE VERSION 3. THEY’RE SELLING OLDER OR COUNTERFEIT VERSIONS, which no longer work and are NOT supported by Fluenz Inc. Second-hand versions are also NOT supported.

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