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Bavaria specialty all beef hickory smoked “Landjager” is an outdoorsman’s special treat. Made with an authentic German recipe, Landjager is an excellent snack for children and adults.Choose from one, two or four 6-packs. (Each landjager is a pair of 2 landjagers, so each 6 pack contains 12 individual landjagers.) No refrigeraton required if kept in a cool dry place. Landjager should not be stored in a plastic bag. They can be hung on a hanger to age, let lay loose in the fridge, or they can be frozen. A ventilated produce bag would work also. Perfect for outdoor activities or anytime snacking! This low carb, high protein snack contains no MSG. Landjager has pork casing. Brought to you by


  • Authentic German Recipe, Bavaria Landjager is an outdoorsman’s special treat!
  • A hearty and delicious snack for adults and children.
  • Low Carb, High Protein Snack; product contains no MSG. Landjager has pork casing
  • Choose One, Two or Four 6-Packs of this delicious treat
  • Each landjager is a pair; each 6-pack actually contains 12 individual landjagers.

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