KRUPS F2307051 Egg Cooker, White

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Cook up to seven eggs at a time with this convenient KRUPS F2307051 egg cooker—perfect for busy families or anyone who appreciates healthy, high-protein breakfasts and snacks. Simply place up to seven eggs in the removable egg holder, set the holder in the cooking dish, and secure the transparent lid. The amount of water added to the unit's cooking dish precisely controls the cooking time—add more for hard-boiled eggs and less for soft-boiled eggs. Once the eggs have finished cooking, the unit delivers an audible signal, you can then remove the eggs or switch the unit to keep-warm mode with a simple turn of the dial. Enjoy everything from hard-boiled or deviled eggs on a salad to soft-boiled eggs in an egg cup with toast or poached eggs for brunch-time eggs Benedict. No matter which version, achieve flawless results every time. In addition to cooking eggs in their shells, the egg cooker can be used to make individual omelets or to poach eggs using the two included poaching trays. Make impeccable poached eggs with runny yolk and fully cooked whites without any guesswork involved—and with less grease than in a frying pan. An egg piercer (to prevent eggs from cracking) and a measuring cup are included. Experience eggs made to order from the comfort of home with the efficient, easy-to-use KRUPS F2307051 egg cooker.


  • Egg cooker with removable egg holder cooks up to 7 eggs at a time
  • Ideal for hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs and omelets; dual switch for boiling and keeping warm
  • 2 poaching trays included for making poached eggs or individual omelets
  • Measuring cup with firmness markings and egg piercer included
  • Removable egg holder to cool eggs easily; 2-year worldwide warranty

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