Kronsegler Eternitas Diamond Men's Watch Diamond gold-gold

Kronsegler Eternitas Diamond Men’s Watch Diamond gold-gold


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Kronsegler GmbH - an owner-managed Saxon enterprise - has been developing and making watches under its own Kronsegler brand-name as well as under other brand-names on commission in Glashuette. The company has created more than 35 lines of its own watches with around 200 models. Each year 5 - 7 new watch lines are presented, each being protected by industrial design patents for Kronsegler GmbH in Glashuette. Primarily historical, astronomical-mathematical and philosophical themes are transposed into the designs and functional innovations. Kronsegler also procuce watches for licence of other wellknown brands; Dr.House / House M.D. and the Vatican Observatory for instance.

The Kronsegler brand-name is focussed on innovative, affordable watches at prices ranging from 200.00 to 400.00 USD or for top-segment mechanical watches for just under 1300.00 USD. The company uses exclusively Japanese and Swiss movements, development by the company of its own movement based on Swiss components having been terminated in 2009.

  • 8 white Diamonds

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