Kaiser Bakeware Roasting and Baking Pan with Travel Cover 16.5 X 11. 5 Inches


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Baking sheets are used for baking and roasting in the oven. The leak-proof baking sheets have a high rim and are made in one piece – ensuring that cakes, quiches and casseroles are evenly browned. The extra heavy-duty sheets feature a cut-resistant non-stick enamel coating, have excellent heat conductive qualities and are suitable for temperatures up to 450 Degree. The circular baking sheets with a perforated thermal base are perfect for pizza and crostini; they are also available with a fluted thermal base and a pouring rim for fries. The rectangular oven baking sheets features a slide mechanism as well as an extendable frame so that it fits perfectly in every oven. Since the baking sheets have a nonstick coating finish you can use a knife directly on the sheets and cut without leaving any scratch marks.


  • High-quality transport cover with folding handle for safe transport
  • Practical transport cover for makes it easy to keep food fresh and for storage
  • Material: Iron sheet

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