Kaiser 657134 Loaf Tin 20 cm


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The loaf pan is one of the traditional baking pan shapes – it is perfect for cakes and breads with angles. The rectangular loaf pan is as wide as it is high; it is used to prepare sweet and savory baked goods, for instance sponge cakes, pies and a variety of loaf breads. The loaf pans are available in different size’s and material’s, but they always provide excellent baking features. The series includes loaf pans made of metal with a ceramic nonstick coating, as well as flexible silicone with handles. Both pans can withstand high temperatures and are resistant to food acids. The flat, long-shaped cake also obtains its typical form in the leak-proof spring form loaf pan. It is not turned upside down when it is done: the spring form pan opens by means of the clasp and the cake is easily lifted out of the pan.


  • For mini molds, just cut the ingredients of an Original/favorite recipe in half
  • Length: 7.87in
  • Material: iron sheet

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