KAHLA Tao Plate Flat 8-1/2 Inches, Li Color, 1 Piece

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With its delicate fern motifs, the décor Li brings the forms of TAO to life. The TAO plates are oval and impress with the slight asymmetry of their curved rims. Turn your first meal of the day into a harmonious moment with the TAO breakfast plate. It is equally well-suited for supper or dessert. TAO mirrors forms found in nature, sensual contours and clear lines. The result is a novel, harmonious combination of surfaces and elevations – as smooth as pebbles polished by water. The porcelain rests in the hands of its user in a sensual way, gentle and pleasant with every touch. Whether for cooking light, for exotic and Mediterranean dishes or a relaxed tea time – select ingredients and loving preparation merge with TAO into a holistic experience. TAO was awarded four international design awards. Kahla porcelain is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. We hope you enjoy our products made in Germany using environmentally and socially sustainable production practices.


  • 8.46 inches
  • Hard porcelain
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • LI, green pattern
  • Pro eco, ecological

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