KAHLA Pronto Espresso Cup 2-3/4 oz, Sky Blue Color, 1 Piece


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PRONTO Colore adds a splash of colour and brings cheer to the table. This beautiful sky blue is as bright as a cloudless sky on a clear summer day. Combine it with the colours orange-yellow or midnight blue. The PRONTO cups either are slender and tall or wide and shallow – just like in an Italian Café. Enjoy your espresso in style with this classic PRONTO espresso cup. The small PRONTO saucer gives it the necessary stability. Bring the holidays into your home: PRONTO brings a Mediterranean atmosphere to the table with its Italian-style robust walls. It remains sturdy also when things get heated in the kitchen or at the dining table. Classic cups in many sizes, multifunctional bowls, and plates, platters and bowls in different sizes make PRONTO a complete tableware for coffee time and dinner that suits every occasion. Kahla porcelain is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. We hope you enjoy our products made in Germany using environmentally and socially sustainable production practices.


  • 2.71 fl.oz.
  • Hard porcelain
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • sky blue, light blue
  • Pro eco, ecological

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