KAHLA Five Senses Cappuccino Cup 8-1/2 oz, White Color, 1 Piece


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The FIVE SENSES cups and mugs are pure and simple in their design. A beautiful cup for cappuccino and other coffee specialties – with its elegant straight lines and the comfortable handle, the FIVE SENSES cappuccino cup invites you to enjoy your coffee with ease. Do you love to lend a hand in the kitchen – even if there is not time for a grand meal every day? FIVE SENSES is porcelain for people who enjoy cooking and eating with all their senses. Many clever details surprise with ingenuity or put a smile on your face. The cups are slightly shifted off-centre on the saucers to allow more space for spoons, sugar cubes and chocolate biscuits. The spoon fits under the lid of the sugar bowl – we call it Sugar loaf. The cut of the plates is slanted – this prevents spills and crumbs on the table but also allows an easier access for knife, fork and spoon. There are beautiful bowls in all proportions and sizes imaginable and baking tins for delicious dishes from the oven. Whether on wood, stainless steel or glass: in brilliant white, FIVE SENSES is the ideal partner for every well-stocked kitchen and on every table of food lovers. FIVE SENSES was awarded eight international design awards. Kahla porcelain is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. We hope you enjoy our products made in Germany using environmentally and socially sustainable production practices.


  • 8.45 fl.oz.
  • Hard porcelain
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • white, plain-white
  • Pro eco, ecological

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