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There is a story to Knox authentic incense cones. More than 135 years ago, chemist Hermann Zwetz founded what has become today’s oldest factory for smoking incense in Germany; arguably, it was the largest factory in Europe. Driven by the dream of manufacturing incense in a safe and responsible industrial process, he founded a “chemical-technical laboratory”. Today is dream lives on in each German Incense burned in an Authentic German smoking man (incense smoker). These can be burned in a cone incense smoker, or on a smoker tray. Each box of Knox Incense contains 24 pieces. Each cone-shaped incense element is designed for any size German Smoker


  • This 24 Pack of Incense Cones has been manufactured in Germany by the Knox company since 1865.
  • Specially designed to be used with German Smoking Men.
  • Each piece is approximately 1.1 inches tall and would be appropriate for most medium and large smokers.
  • KNOX German Incence Cones are Lightly Scented.

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