German Phase 4, Units 1-30: Learn to Speak and Understand German with Pimsleur Language Programs

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German is the official language of Germany and Austria and is one of the official languages of Switzerland, Belgium, Lichtenstein, and Luxembourg. Nearly 100 million people speak German as their first language: about 77 million in Germany, eight million in Austria, and 4.5 million in Switzerland.

German Level 4 is a new 30-unit course designed to be completed after German Level 3 (replaces German Level 4 10-unit course). Thirty 30-minute lessons totaling 15 hours of spoken German language learning plus one hour of listening lessons designed to expand your vocabulary give you practice hearing German and bring you one step closer to reading German for pleasure.

A user’s guide is provided as an audio. Builds upon skills taught in Pimsleur’s German phases one through three. You’ll be speaking and understanding German with near-fluency and with a broad range of conversational skills. In phase four, the pace and conversation moves more rapidly, accelerating exposure to new vocabulary and structures and approaching native speed and comprehension. You’ll learn to speak about your professional and personal lives, needs, likes, and dislikes and create complex sentences discussing the past, present, future, conditional, and subjunctive.

Topics include:

  • Business: attending trade fairs; meeting with colleagues; discussing professions, products, and customers’ concerns; making or asking for suggestions.
  • Personal: discussing where and when you met someone, divorce, German heritage; using the informal form to address several people; talking about family members, including distant cousins and in-laws; losing a personal item; talking about getting a driver’s license; having a broken item repaired.

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