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Rich gold hues and soft black leather make these Kingdom Plattler Gold lederhosen shorts one of this season’s most talked about fashion accessories. Heads will turn when you walk in wearing an authentic Kingdom Plattler Gold lederhosen costume. Our lederhosen shorts are made from high quality black suede leather so they will give you comfort and pleasure for years to come. The custom embroidery work on the front flap features a vibrant gold deer leaping over a sprinkling of acorn leaves. Matching suspenders highlight the look. These lederhosen originate from the Upper Bavaria region (Oberbayern). It is a national lederhosen costume that is often worn in Schuhplattler and tracht contests. You need to own your very own Kingdom Plattler Gold lederhosen shorts and feel the opulence for yourself. Our German lederhosen outfits are advertised in actual inches, measured around the inside of the waist band. Once you measured the size of your jeans or pants at home, this is the size you’ll need to order your lederhosen costume in. Our fine Bavarian leather outfit was designed to be snug, but it stretches about an inch after you’ve worn it several times. The back also features lace at the waist in a criss-cross pattern, so you can adjust your authentic lederhosen costume as you see fit.


  • Authentic German lederhosen
  • Ship from the US (which means no week long wait / no customs problems!!!)
  • Suspenders are included with this lederhosen outfit
  • Colors: black with gold embroidery
  • Material: 100% suede leather

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