German Lederhosen Beer Stein Shot Glass-2.5″


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Classic scene of Lederhosen shot stein. Height: 2.5″. Colorfully decorated collectible beer steins are popular around the world. The origin of German Beer Steins date back to the 14th century. In German-speaking regions a stein may be known as “Humpen” (if stoneware) or “Steinkrug” (if earthenware). “Beer Stein” derives from the German words “Bier” (beer) and “Steinkrug” (literally stone crock).


  • Collectible Lederhosen shot stein (2.5″)
  • This three-dimentional shot is molded in the shape of a traditional Bavarian outfit for men, the Lederhosen.
  • See our other steins to add to your collection!

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