German Alpine Flowers Ceramic Beer Stein Shot Glass-2.5″

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This classic scene of engraved beer stein shot glass with Alpine Flowers (height: 2.5″) is the first in a series of three steins (see intro image of full collection).

Colorfully decorated collectible beer steins are popular around the world. The origin of German Beer Steins date back to the 14th century. In German-speaking regions a stein may be known as “Humpen” (if stoneware) or “Steinkrug” (if earthenware). “Beer Stein” derives from the German words “Bier” (beer) and “Steinkrug” (literally stone crock).


  • Engraved beer stein shot glass
  • Collectible stein shot (2.5″)
  • See our other steins and stein shots to add to your collection!

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