Fischertechnik Dynamic Tuning Set

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The Dynamic Tuning Set is the ideal method for adding more fun and functionality, as well as speed and size, to all your favorite fischertechnik obstacle course based sets. The perfect booster pack for the Dynamic M, L, XL and Rolling Action sets. Many special parts such as 90 Degree curves, cross-overs, catch funnels, short and long flex-rails promise even more excitement. The Dynamic Tuning Set gives free rein to the imagination of young obstacle course engineers. Parts include 2x cross-overs, 2x catch funnels, 4x 90 Degree curves, 2x magnet holders, 6x balls, 4x flex-rails 90, 10x flex-rails 180, and various add-on elements such as angular blocks, angular girders, and more.


  • 180 parts for accessorizing your fischertechnik obstacle course models
  • The perfect booster pack for all “Dynamic” family sets
  • Innovative, hands-on-learning experience for students age 9 and above
  • High quality construction
  • Made in Germany

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