Crystal Photo Frame, Collection “Galerie”, transparent, 28,3×33,5×2,8cm, Ideal for family photos,


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This range of products enchants with a stunning design and strong colors, highlighted thanks to high quality glass. Regardless of where it is placed, will always capture people’s eyes. This product transmits a modern and timeless way of life. You will receive a unique piece by definition – the singularity due to the handmade production – so that no piece is alike

Each product is unique because it is crafted by an ancient process (both manual and manual modeling production). There can be found in the glass – and is allowed to happen – inclusions, bubbles, color irregularities or fluctuations, things that are inevitable due to manual manufacturing products imperfections that also show the uniqueness of each product.

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Line products GALERIE – are blown and handcrafted respecting a traditional, almost forgotten process.
So, you buy a piece of high quality art created by master glass, objects of art that rarely can be found in the glass industry today, predominant industry in industrial automation machines. .

We, CRISTALICA – TEAM thank you in advance ……


  • For a photo of 20 x 25 cm
  • Thickness: aprox. 2,8 cm
  • Width: aprox. 28,3 cm; Height: aprox. 33,5 cm
  • Weight: aprox. 2825 g.
  • NOTE: Dimensions and weight can slightly always vary due to handmade production.

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