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Through this e-book, you will come to understand the tools and terminology used by bond investors worldwide. Whether it’s the function of the stock exchange, preserving the value of money, or buying and selling bonds, this course will clarify the definitions and concepts involved. This e-Book will help guide you into this fascinating world of Bonds. Topic Outline 1. Introduction Interest The Consumer Price Index (CPI) The Central Bank The Function of the Stock Exchange How to Trade in Bonds Bond Yields 2. Government Bonds Treasury Bills Treasury Notes Treasury Bonds Treasury Auctions STRIPS 3. Corporate Bonds Rating Corporate Bonds Distinction between Bond Rating and Credit Rating Speculative and Investment Bonds 4. Convertible Bonds Basics and Uses How to Buy Stocks through Convertible Bonds 5. Municipal Bonds IPO Bond Insurance Examples 6. Mortgage-Backed Securities MBS Background MBS Portfolios Mortgage Securitization 7. The Risks Incurred by Investing Types of Risks When Investing In Bonds How to Avoid Risk


  • Complete introduction to the world of Bonds.
  • Suitable for those with no previous knowledge.
  • Plenty of examples, illustrations and charts.
  • Intuitive interface, including page flipping, search and bookmarks.

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