Bavarian Nutcracker Soldier [70979]


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This Bavarian Soldier Glass Nutcracker Ornament is about 8 inches tall. These Nutcracker Ornaments are wearing a tall red hat with gold glitter, red jacket with green glitter collar, gold glitter epaulettes, cuffs and belt. His pants are green with the bottom of a green glitter shirt showing above them and his boots are dark brown with gold glitter. He is holding a gold rifle in his left arm. These Glass Ornaments were made in Germany by Krebs Glas.


  • Bavarian Nutcracker Soldier
  • 8 inches tall
  • Nutcracker uniform consists of red jacket, green pants, tall black boots and a glittery tall red hat
  • He is holding a gold rifle in his left arm
  • Made in Germany by Krebs Glas

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