100% Authentic German Bavarian Okoberfest Trachten Lederhosen JODLER

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Our JODLER Lederhosen can for sure be called the Ferrari of all German lederhosen. The material used on these lederhosen shorts is finest lamb leather in an antique brown color. The leather has run through multiple tanning processes, which gave this German costume an amazing two color tone antique look. The appearance is antique, but the touch and feel are the smoothest and softest you will ever have felt on lamb leather. Nevertheless they are still robust and meet the requirements of a traditional pair of German lederhosen. Handcrafted floral designs combined with deers exemplify the Bavarian lederhosen tradition, which will make it especially appealing for the younger lederhosen generation. The lederhosen aficionado will be very happy with this top of the line tracht product. The H-suspenders are included, but you can wear the JODLER lederhosen with our without the suspenders. Both ways are a clear fashion statement to the Bavarian trachten world and you are showing class and style, wearing the highest quality possible.


  • 100% authentic German Oktoberfest Lederhosen
  • Suspenders are included
  • Premium lamb leather for most comfortable fit / Highest quality in the market
  • Lined on the inside
  • Warehoused in the US / Will arrive in a few days at your door

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