5 Astonishing Facts about German Coffee

Coffee Brands from GermanyGerman coffee was a big part of my childhood. Every morning I was woken up by this irresistible scent that was making its way through our home. My mom was brewing their filtered coffee for breakfast. Not just in our household has coffee been a stable as well as memorable beverage. Even though people may have different, personal preferences on how, when and where they like their coffee, they all love this beverage, PERIOD. For many of us, life without it would be unimaginable.

So here are some interesting German coffee facts:

  1. In fact, 84.4% of the entire German population (age 14+) are coffee drinkers, which is even slightly more than in the US! This makes Germany the 3rd largest coffee consumer market in the world!
  2.  Germany is a ‘coffee country’ because Germans drink more coffee than water and beer. Yes, shocking, since many of us thought that beer would be the most consumed beverage in Germany. 149 liters (39 gallons) of coffee were consumed per person in 2012.
  3.  Germans still prefer drinking their coffee at home or with friends and relatives. Filtered coffee and cappuccino are the favorites. The most sold coffee type is ground coffee with over 70%, followed by whole beans with 15.9% market share (which is similar in the US). However, pods and capsules are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Coffee on-the-go, e.g. as we know it from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, is not popular in Germany.
  4.  Even though German coffee is so popular, there are only 6 large coffee roasters. Tchibo is the largest one followed by Jacobs. The two of them hold over 40% of the market share. Dallmayr, Darboven, Melitta and Aldi share the other over 40%.
  5.  Did you actually know that coffee has many more flavors than wine? Coffee has over 1,500 flavors that determine the actual taste profile, and only about 900 have been identified so far!

Whatever your preferred ‘taste profile’ may be, German coffee is definitely worth a try! It is roasted in a way that it is flavorful and rich but doesn’t have any bitter or heavy after-taste. You’ll also notice that there is quite a variety of different options: A wide variety of flavors, ground or whole beans, French press & espresso, instant and pods, decaffeinated and more.

What are the Germans’ favorites?

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